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You may have noticed it has gotten a little quiet over here… That is because we now have a combined website and blog.  You can check it out over on our main website here – We hope to see you there!


Boo {Chihuahua}

Boo is a cute and sassy 10 month old male, chihuahua cross.  If you like small dogs with a little bit of spunk to them, Boo is your man.

Boo is an amazing little guy. He is active, attentive and loves to snuggle. He loves to play. He plays well with children and small dogs but he does takes a while to warm up to bigger dogs.

He can be shy to start, especially with men, but he warms up fairly quickly. He loves belly rubs, ear rubs, and is extremely happy when you come home! He does have some separation anxiety and will whine when penned or left alone but he already seems to be adjusting to the changes in his life and is getting better.

He can be a sneaky guy and can squeeze through the tiniest cracks with ease, so your fence will need to be very secure.

Boo is overall a gentle, kind soul who loves to play.

Rocky {Husky Cross}

Rocky is a young (less than a year old) husky cross.  He was found wandering the streets and unfortunately no one has claimed him.  We don’t understand why – he is a great dog! Handsome and Smarts!!

Some important things to know about this little dude:

  • He LOVES to play.
  • He is cuddly and sweet when he wants to be
  • A happy, goofy dog with loads of personality
  • Rocky is like a little sponge and is eager to learn
  • He is very food motivated so will be an easy guy to train.
  • Kid tested and approved 😉 (we’ve had him around 6 years and older but with training would be okay with younger)
  • Great with other dogs and would be a good “dog park” dog.

It appears as though not much training or time was spent with Rocky as a youngster but we are making up for that now!! His foster home is working on the basics, and he’s picking stuff up pretty quickly. He’s a little smartie pants this guy!

The only issue we’ve seen a hint of is Seperation Anxiety. He can get a little worried if left along for long periods of time. We’ve been working on this though and he is now much more relaxed as long as he has his foster brother at home with him! For this reason we reccomend that Rocky go to a home that already has a dog. He definitely needs a friend at home to keep him occupied!

Rocky is at great age- past the housetraining/constant supervision stage but still Puppy enough to mold into anything you want!!! This is one great puppy who would make a great addition to someones family!!

Sully {Newfoundland Dog}

Sully is a 4 year old Newfoundland Cross who was found wandering as a stray and in need of some medical attention.  He has been with us for a few months now while these issues were being taken care, and we are happy to say he is now ready for a forever home of his own.

Sully is a large boy, tipping the scales at 160 pounds!  He is great with cats and submissive dogs as he can be a little pushy at the start but once he is comfortable though he will play for hours!  He does well with children of all ages, but due to his large size little ones can be easily knocked over.  He is very friendly with everyone he meets and within minutes can be flat on the ground with his belly up waiting for some snuggles.  His basic obedience is no worse than any other dog his age, but due to his size, it wouldn’t hurt to go through a class with him.

His ideal home will need to have knowledge and experience with large breed dogs so they are aware of the grooming he will require & the large amounts of slobber. 🙂 He would also do best with a companion dog as he will dig in the backyard if out there alone, but never does it if his foster sister is out there with him. He may look like an ideal farm dog but unfortunately this is not an option for him as he likes to chase livestock and pretend he is deaf at the same time.

Sully is house-trained and kennel trained and is a pleasure to have in the house (if you don’t mind a little drool). He has a great sense of humour and is an easy dog to love. ❤

Lexi {Rottweiler/Mastiff Cross}

Quick Stats:

  • 1 year old
  • Rottweiler/Mastiff Cross
  • Approx. 65lbs of solid muscle
  • Active, Playful, Happy Girl
  • Super Well Behaved
  • Loves Everyone and Everything- two legged, and four legged

What to say about Lexi except that she’s awesome??!!! She is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Her owners were unable to care for her anymore. She has no past history of abuse or neglect and has been loved and well taken care of for her whole life. At only a year old she has a long happy life ahead of her- she’s a joyous dog who’s zest for life is contagious.

Lexi is well socialized and loves to play. With other dogs, and with people. She has been to the dog park and dog daycare and has great social skills. She is gentle with small dogs (although can be a bit pushy if they don’t want to play!) and is ready for rough and tumble with dogs her own size. She respects cats, and is only mildly curious about them.

This active gal would do best with a family who has the activity level to match hers.  She loves long walks in the coulees, and would be a great camping/hiking buddy! She’s not always super active- after a nice walk, or play in the yard she is content to cuddle on the couch or lay on her dog bed.  She loves her people and is very affectionate and sweet. She’s an easy keeper in the house and has great manners.

We expect Lexi to be adopted in no time! She is pretty near perfect after all!!!


**our photographer is on holidays, so please excuse my snapshots :)*

Sadie {Heinz 57 Mix} – ADOPTED

Sadie is a true “Heinz 57” mix – a little border collie, a little shepherd, a little husky, a little ?? She is about 7 years old and could be one of the sweetest dogs ever.

She has a sad past – her dad got evicted and was living in his car with her. He loves to her bits but knew that this situation was not the best one for her. And you can tell Sadie has been loved since day one. She is a treat to be around. She is well behaved in the house, she can be trusted off leash. She is great with dogs and kids and cats.

She loves to cuddle and you can sass her up for a good game of chase outside. She has show a little interest in toys but you can tell she’d much rather just run. She is a great traveller – so good in fact you almost forget she is in the car with you!

You couldn’t ask for a nicer, sweeter dog. She would be great for almost anyone but a she would excel at being part of a big family or as a pet for an active older couple.

Abby and Asia

Abby is an 8 year old Shih Tzu cross. In a nutshell she is bossy, independent, cute and cuddly.

Asia is a 7 year old American Eskimo/Westie cross. She has a typical terrier personality – is always up for adventure, loves to explore but can also be a little insecure without her sidekick Abby.

Both Abby and Asia have been around other dogs, both big and small and have both lived with cats with no problems, however Asia does sometimes try to play with the cats.

Abby and Asia are great with people – they aren’t shy at all and have grown up around kids and in a busy household.  They enjoy spending time outdoors but will bark at people passing by so probably shouldn’t be left outside for long unattended.

Both girls are happy and healthy and have been well looked after their entire lives with regular vet visits and vaccinations.  These girls have grown up together and we think it would be best to stay together.  So if you are looking for two great, small dogs with personalities that compliment each others, look no farther!